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The Restoration, Marshall Brown, The Dunder Chiefs

December 29, 2012 @ 9:00 pm

| $5

A fun night of Americana-infused indie rock!

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The Restoration

The Restoration’s members grew up performing in orchestras, choirs, fiddle groups and rock bands in the small town of Lexington, South Carolina. United in 2008, they’ve used their varied backgrounds as a lens for exploring the music and culture of their native soil, channeling storytelling and regional history through layers of banjo, voice, violin, piano, organ and percussion that fluctuate between tradition and modernity. At the core of this exploration is the band’s desire to preserve and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the South while taking responsibility to acknowledge the problematic history that created it. Despite this detailed focus on the past, the Restoration’s compositions are not meant to be period reproductions—nor are discussions of history meant to be contained in their original time and place. Instead, the band wishes to see the tradition of Southern music evolve and take part in a living, contemporary voice—one that uses the mistakes of the past as a guide for the present.

The Restoration’s debut album Constance is a multi-generational cautionary tale, told through historical fiction. Set between the late 1800s and 1930s in Lexington, South Carolina, Constance focuses on the fictional Constance Owen, an unrealized musical prodigy born to poor cotton farmers several years after the American Civil War. Her eventual union with Aaron Vale, a carpenter and musician of mixed race from Chicago, and the birth of their son, Thomas, plants a seed of discriminative hate in the surrounding community, bringing about the bankrupting of her family by the affluent Palmers, the related death of her husband, and the burying of her creative aspirations. Years later, Thomas’ nihilistic vengeance against the Palmers sets off a cataclysmic series of violent events, as the South and the rest of the world plunge into the Great Depression.

Marshall Brown

Hailing from Columbia, SC, Marshall Brown plays psychedelic rock music recorded much in the vein of The Beatles and other 1960s bands, using minimal mics and tracks while bouncing tracks on top of each other to layer and create a bigger sound. While so much of his passion goes into the recording process, which he does almost single handedly with the exception of drums, he does gig with a full band to help him flesh out all the complex parts that go into the recordings. His first two full-lengths, sister albums New Moons and High Noons, “showcase an active, zany mind with a wonderfully twisted sense of arrangement and melody fully immersed in the possibilities offered by recording,” (Kyle Petersen, Free Times Columbia SC) and are both intended to be enjoyed in a single sitting when you have the time to lay back and go on a journey. Through Vivaldian Colored Glasses is the title of his new album scheduled to be released on February 9th of 2013. This album is split into three different sections. The first single promoting this album, Winter Brings The Spring, is from the ’4 seasons’ section of the album, which is a little more on the pop side of the spectrum. It can be found, along with his other recordings,at www.marshallbrown.bandcamp.com. The single is also offered as a free download on that site.

The Dunder Chiefs


December 29, 2012
9:00 pm